Ordinem Ignota: A Miskatonic University Campaign

Manions of Madness

A Day in Boston

The group split in two with Henry and Simon heading off the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Marie, Grant along with Benjamin heading to the police station.

At the museum Henry and Simon met with the assistant director Miss DuMort who was unable to provide to many details about Josephine Garsetti aside from that the Boston University may have information as to her address. Josephine seemed to have popped into Andrew’s life suddenly and took hold with him. She believed that perhaps she was into drugs and may have brought Andrew into this dark direction. Miss DuMort also mentioned a speakeasy that may lead to some more clues.

Marie, Grant and Benjamin met with Detective Devlin who was sporting and injured hand from a raid on the Sylvan Night cult. They learned that the leader, Josephine Garsetti, had managed to escape and is still at large. Not tipping off their hand the group learned also that the case for Andrew’s disappearance is cold with no leads whatsoever. Andrew seemed to have vanished into thin air and Josephine as well. Benjamin picked up on the name Sylvan Night being the same name of one of Josephine’s paintings.

Now the group meets in the early afternoon in Andrew’s home sorting out the clues they have and what to do next.



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