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CASE Summary
At roughly 9:45PM EST witnesses claimed a tremendous light and sounds of explosions coming from 111 W Pickman Street. When police arrived a fire had broken out and firemen were dispatched. Inside the residence was physical evidence of multiple struggles and violence as blood splatters littered the room. There were no bodies located on the premises and forensics has been able to prove that no corpses were burnt in the subsequent fire.

1) No bodies were ever found on the premises however with all the DNA evidence at the scene it would be hard to believe a murder had not taken place. No hospitals reported any seriously injured patients that evening.
2) No activity has been present since the Nov 15th, 1963 disturbance of all suspected individuals. Banks accounts were never used, passports were located at the scene and no demands for private documents were ever made.
3) Ordinem Ignota was a collective of individual who seemed to have been involved in some strange cult, sect or charlatanism. Case files were littered throughout their headquarters which was also 111 W Pickman Street but also the primary residence of Grant Carrington. Professors and other academics have not been able to provide useful information regarding these cases and most involved have all since passed away and those relatives alive will not speak about the cases.
4) There is evidence to suggest this organization is active to this day as other odd occurrences which could be considered supernatural or otherwise contain occult happenings have been followed up by individuals who claim to be part of this said group.
These files contain all information and evidence collected in the investigation of the Ordinem Ignota organization after the Nov 15th, 1963 disturbance at 111 w Pickman Street in Arkhamm, MA.

Ordinem Ignota FBI Paper 2

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