Ordinem Ignota: A Miskatonic University Campaign

Manions of Madness
A Day in Boston

The group split in two with Henry and Simon heading off the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Marie, Grant along with Benjamin heading to the police station.

At the museum Henry and Simon met with the assistant director Miss DuMort who was unable to provide to many details about Josephine Garsetti aside from that the Boston University may have information as to her address. Josephine seemed to have popped into Andrew’s life suddenly and took hold with him. She believed that perhaps she was into drugs and may have brought Andrew into this dark direction. Miss DuMort also mentioned a speakeasy that may lead to some more clues.

Marie, Grant and Benjamin met with Detective Devlin who was sporting and injured hand from a raid on the Sylvan Night cult. They learned that the leader, Josephine Garsetti, had managed to escape and is still at large. Not tipping off their hand the group learned also that the case for Andrew’s disappearance is cold with no leads whatsoever. Andrew seemed to have vanished into thin air and Josephine as well. Benjamin picked up on the name Sylvan Night being the same name of one of Josephine’s paintings.

Now the group meets in the early afternoon in Andrew’s home sorting out the clues they have and what to do next.

Mansions of Madness
A Cold Night in Boston

Benjamin Prachett, Grant Carrington, Simon Hollingworth, Mary Crawley and Henry Lawrence find themselves in south west Boston at the estate of longtime friend Andrew Keetling. Andrew Keetling has been missing for some time now and Sarah who is Andrews wife has called upon the group via telegram to aid in her search as she has little confidence the authorities can assist her.

Andrew has been distancing himself from Sarah and making purchases of expensive paintings from an up and coming artist named Josephine Garsetti which as Sarah describes are ghastly images.

While everyone hesitated on the decision whether to help Sarah or not, the group searches the office of Andrew Keetling for clues to his whereabouts or other useful information. Upon entering the group is horrified by the paintings of this Josephine Garsetti. They both haunt the imagination and seem alien at the same time. These very same paintings seem to have averse effects on Mary, Benjamin and Henry causing concern withing the group.

Mary finds love notes from Garsetti to Andrew in a book after recovering from her ordeal with the painting. The notes implicate him in some sort of affair however she keeps this knowledge to herself for now as she would like to keep this information from Sarah for now.

After an exhaustive search in the study and being exhausted themselves, the group ends their evening in the living area where they indulge in a nightcap and giving in to the cozy crackling of the fireplace.

Something truly strange is going on. What has Andrew gotten himself into.


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