I came upon a group in my second semester in Mistkatonic University. I really came about it but chance while going over some books in the library. I was studying for my “history of eastern cultures and religions” exam when I overheard this group discussing a strange symbol which resembled a strange kind of star. I have heard of witches before (I mean we are very close to Salem) and how they had a star like symbol but they seemed to be implying that this symbol was older then this and perhaps from a religion much older. Potentially this was as old as time itself. I found this conversation so…troublesome. I am not sure why but it just did not sit right. I think I may have been paying too much attention as one of them noticed. It was a simple nod in acknowledgement. I was embarrassed of course being caught eavesdropping so to speak and I promptly buried my head in my book.

I had left the library roughly two hours later and they were STILL researching. I tried to put it all behind me and go on about me evening. I was renting a room not far from the university from an elderly couple who’s son had died a few years ago. I believe they were simply lonely but it was cheap and very convenient. I will be honest that the food has been extremely welcome as Mrs Patterson can cook with the best of them. I went to bed early as I was determined I needed a rested mind for my exam.

The following morning I awoke to a knock on my door. Mrs Patterson said a letter was left to me under the main door overnight. It was clean with elegant handwriting on the front with my name on it “Oscar Frobersure”. I opened it and unfolded the neatly written letter. It was from them!!

“Dear Mr Frobersure,
We would like to invite you Mr Frobersure to 111 west Pickman Street for a meeting of particular interest. We are explorers you could say of things unknown and we have noticed that some of your educational studies would be of particular asset to our group. We are simply performing research and investigation into strange current events. items and even mythological tales. If this sounds like something you would be eager to join then please come by for 5pm. It would be a pleasure.

PS: Good luck on your exam"

I was to be frank quite scarred at first. I do not know why but it was like a door opening to a room that is pitch black. But the feeling passed and I was excited. I don’t think that I was excited so much about the activities of the group per se however I was more then pleased at someone taking notice of myself. I suppose you could blame that to a lonely childhood.

Now while that fateful day was sealed as of that moment take heed when reading further. A door into a pitch black room was indeed opened. I have heard things, terrible things….terrible unspeakable things. There are no names for much of what I have experienced and I am sure that either insanity or death will consume me. But if my warning does not sway you then read on. This is the story of the Ordinem Ignota.

Ordinem Ignota: A Miskatonic University Campaign

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